Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pelikan 700 - a Pristine 14 Karat Solid Gold Pen from the 1950s

I have something rather special up for your consideration in the form of a top of the range Pelikan 700 from the 1950s. It's for me Pelikan's finest pen from the 1950s to date.

The Pelikan 700 is made of solid gold with 14C 585 hallmarks on each constituent part. So a hallmark can be found on the cap, the clip, the domed clip screw and even on the twisting knob. The scalloped guilloche is exquisite.

It is fitted with a pristine 14kt Pelikan logo nib with a Medium tip. It is a smooth and responsive writer as can be expected from a 1950s writing instrument .

The 700 has been inked but it has rarely if ever been used and it really is about mint! Even the ink window is glass-like in its pristineness and the barrel and cap are free of any defects or dents. Its basically a perfect collector's grade piece.

Now after all the good news I have to say there is a price for perfection and that price is £2,950 including the original Pelikan satin-lined carry case.

Enjoy the pictures!

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