Friday, 13 August 2010

Montblanc 149 with Solid 18 KT Overlay - Le Fevre

I have for your consideration something really very special.

I have here an extremely rare 1950s Montblanc 149 with solid 18 Carat Oerlay. This is a substantial, hefty, top end product produced by Montblanc with the gold overlay work applied by the celebrated French master jeweller, Lefevre, who was offcially commissioned with the work by Montblanc.

The Lefevre boutique created a very limited number of overlay Montblanc 149s between the 1950s and the 1990s but few ever surface for sale in respect of pens from the pre-1970s period. The 1990s Lefevre pieces do occasionally get offered at the $8000 - $9000 mark but they don't remain for sale for very long! So when presented with the opportunity yo buy a 1950s overlay piece I snapped it up immediately without hesitation.

This pen is in superb condition without any dents or damage. The overlay is a wonderful plain and striped design reminiscent of a watermelon !

The 149 has a typical 1950s orange ink window with still fairly clear black bars. The only real signs of wear to this pen are light pocket scratches and light marks to be expected of a vintage piece. It's in very good condition indeed as can be seen in the numerous photographs I've taken!

The 149 has 18 Carat hallmarks stamped on the cap and on the barrel (the two small impressions you can see in the photos on the overlay by the ink window that looks like small dings are in fact a pair of hallmarks! The same two hallmarks can be found on the cap band) The cap band is imprinted with the legend "MONTBLANC 18 CTs MADE IN FRANCE"

The nib is the original 1950s 14 C Montblanc with an oblique medium tip. It is a fairly flexible writer and lays down a rich, wet, line. The piston mechanism has been professionally restored by Montblanc and fitted with a new cork. This pen will make a superb user and an even better collector's piece! The 149 comes complete with its period felt covered presentation box.

For perfection, and there surely can be no doubt that this is a perfect piece for the serious Montblanc collector, there is a price, and my price is $8,950.

Please just drop me a PM if you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing.

Many thanks


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