Sunday, 2 August 2009

Superb 4 colour ballpoint by Goldfink c.1950s

A super Goldfink ballpoint with 4 colours, red, blue, black and green. In perfect working condition and in NM condition. Goldfink did not actually manufacture their own pens and many were made by Tropen or Fend among other companies. This pen was clearly made by Fend as can be evidenced by the fact the pocketclip still has the "F" on it, being the Fend imprint. So this is basically a Fend pen that was later modified with Goldfink imprint on the barrel and then marketed as a Goldfink. This is typical of the metal pens most of which appear to have been made by Fend (market leaders in metal and overlay pens at the time) for Goldfink.
Looking for £50 plus shipping.

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