Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some very fine Italian and German Pens

From left to right in the bottom picture (with pens capped)

1. Green Arco Columbus Extra, scarce as hen's teeth in this colour- £415

2. The Tower Queen- Soennecken sub-brand for Export to Sweden- amber chevronned ink window, chased celluloid barrel and cap - NOS never inked- £175

3. The Tower The Lord - very gothic sounding and what a pen-light green chevronned ink window-NOS, never inked-  a wonderful top end pen- £195

4. Aurea Italian brand- in superb Arco Platinum Lined celluloid made by Du Pont. Same material as used on the montblanc 246 PL series. NO LONGER FOR SALE

5. Oversized Tortoiseshell Ancora No 4. A big, fat pen! £425

6. National 'Controller' . Unique filling system. There is an aluminium button which you pump to create a vacum fill. The whole piston moves down with a spring action as you decompress the aluminium fill button. The amazing thing is this pen still works like new and has its original cork inside. A special pen  £125

All pens are fitted with their original nibs, all but the Columbus pen being superb 14kt gold nibs. The Columbus has  a steel Columbus nib which is correct for this model.

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